We are an enthusiastic amateur group of landscape archaeologists operating in the South Cambridgeshire area. Our main activity is geophysics. We undertake resistivity and magnetometry surveys of sites that are of interest.

We obtained our equipment through a Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) grant with the intention of fostering community interest in local heritage. We also thank the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and the Cambridge Archaeology Field Group for grants towards our purchase of a new resistivity machine in 2017. Mo with twin magnetometer

Thus far we have helped individuals and groups investigate their own sites, demonstrated our equipment at village shows and given talks to village societies, helped in primary and secondary school activities, as well as surveying sites that we find interesting. We've also produced a book on our perambulations around Thriplow.

We welcome new members, so if you fancy giving it a go please get in touch. No technical knowledge is required but do bear in mind that we tramp