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<body> <meta name="keywords" content="Archaeology, RheeSearch, geophysics, Magnetometry, magnetometer, Resistivity, LHI, Archaeological, Landscape, Cambridge, UK, remote sensing"> <meta name="description" content="Archaeology RheeSearch Group - Community Geophysics in South Cambridgeshire, UK"> You should only see this if your browser can't deal with frames - but no system is perfect! What you are missing is the story of Archaeology Rheesearch, which basically undertakes community based geophysics in South Cambridgeshire in the UK Or to put it another way, we are a group of landscape archaeologists who go out and help community groups with their archaeological projects by doing geophysical surveys using a magnetometer or resistivity techniques to visualise archaeological features under the ground. There are lots of photos on the site and animations of us using our Bartington magnetometer or TRCIA resistance meter. </body>